Daily routines are essential for everyone. In the morning you wake up, shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, and get ready to start your day. If one part of your routine is skipped, there is the potential that your entire day could be thrown off. The importance of routines is true of link building as well.

You can think about it this way – the internet is always on, and anyone can search for something at any time. Your website could have the answer the user’s questions. The question is, what will generate that traffic to go to your page and boost your organic search rankings? The answer is SEO tactics, combined with meaningful content and link building. It sounds simple, but like anything else, it takes time and effort to make it work.

Marketing Tool

Much like your daily tasks, link building needs to be done as a routine whenever performing SEO on your website. Although many people see link building as merely a way to create traffic and get higher rankings, it can also be used as a powerful marketing tool. Link building can often be seen on traditional bookmark websites like Reddit, Newsvine, and Delicious, but what many people forget are the non-relevant links such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, and others. These links are incredibly important to building a backlink profile because link building can function as a marketing tactic, as well.

Even though it would be great to produce content or a product that has people lining up for your service or your website reaching millions of hits, that’s just not how the web works. That is why it is necessary to use these links to draw visitors and promote your website. Your goal is for your message and service to be promoted, and with this type of link building, that can become a reality.

Drive Engagement

Once link building becomes part of your routine, you will enable engagement with the community as well as brand promotion. When this link building is partnered with social shares, guest blogging, and infographics, you’ll start to see your traffic grow to numbers you could have never imagined reaching.

One example of this is posting on Pinterest. This is a smart decision in link building, particularly with an image such as an infographic. The web is packed with articles, and sometimes people like to see a visual rather than words to help inform them. Using an infographic is an excellent opportunity to use this tactic. By placing your infographic on Pinterest during the link building process, you will generate the bloggers that enjoy “repinning” your industry-related content. When someone repins your content, they have just promoted it to their followers, and your link building worked! Getting exposure and having people view your content is vital.

Link Building should be a Routine

Link building is an important tactic, and it’s not going to go anywhere anytime soon. It’s a great way to continue to more effectively market your brand and generate more traffic to your site. Add link building into your daily routine and start improving your sites visibility today!