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About Eastmoor Digital

Eastmoor Digital is an online marketing firm located in Delaware specializing in Lead Generation, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Online Brand Management, Web Development, Content Development and Digital Creative.

We provide quality service in all things digital.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

We build out a strategy that provides the audience with valuable information on your services and products through strategic advertising, email, social media, blogging, white papers and many more tools to achieve your goals. We’re not just good at what we do. We are passionate. We check your numbers and customize campaigns to your business line to build metrics that generate real leads and phone calls that increase ROI. Eastmoor Digital employs the latest techniques in digital reporting to drive results for your business, from e-commerce to lead generation.

Our Awesome Team

Joel Margavage

Joel Margavage

Founder & CEO

Joel embodies the Zen of Digital Marketing. Joel balances the creative elements of brand development with seasoned marketing wisdom, in-depth web analytics, and experienced website development. When Joel’s not empowering our clients, you can probably find him fishing on a lake or at the beach jamming with family and friends.

Paul Stevenson

Paul Stevenson

Director of Design & Development

Paul is a die-hard tech enthusiast, building computers in his spare time and then using those computers to develop smart analytics solutions and implement management plans (including detailed documentation flow charts) for our clients. Along with a few other fun gadgets too.

Christy Sharp

Christy Sharp

Content Development

The resident word-smith on the team, Christy paints with the English language in a way that touches our very soul. She specializes in SEO, content strategy, creating killer tag lines and has a wealth of experience in education.

Our Values

At Eastmoor Digital our core values are more than just words, they’re a way of life. We know that companies with a strong culture and a higher purpose perform better in the long run. 


Actions count – not what’s on paper. Eastmoor Digital is a values-driven organization. From our hiring philosophy to our client service, our goal is to demonstrate our integrity in every interaction.


In order to provide the cutting edge technology to keep your business competitive we focus on learning from every opportunity to provide the best service possible.


Results drive innovation. We want to grow and innovate with you and your business in order to reach our greatest potential.

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