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A search engine for math and science equations

So what was that formula for the loan payment? How do I write a differential equation? ......... Aggregate searches are great but its so nice to see specialized search engines grow too.  Check out this new one on math and science equations covered by Smithsonian....

4 minutes and 3 seconds.

That's how long it takes Damian Muzzi to crush you in a computer building competition.  Did I mention that it has to work? Check out the next race coming up and support Damian and Tiger Direct fundraising for the SPCA and donated equipment to schools!...

It's a Start!

I've been spending the past few hours getting the site layout up and formatting a few things.  Looks like everything is turning out great!  I still have more photos and content to work on....not to mention adding meta tags, title tags and header tags.  Taking it one...

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